Workshop in biostatistics - ESWG 2014

Software requirements

The workshop will include a theoretical part and a practical part. The participants are advised to bring their laptops and download the softwares Familias 3, FamLink v.1.14 and FamLinkX (please wait until 26 may to install FamLinkX if possible, since a new version will be launched) before the workshop. Here is a guide for how to install the softwares.


Exercises that will be covered during the workshop can be downloaded here.

Lecture notes

Session 1 (PDF) or Session 1 (PPT)

Session 2 (PDF) or Session 2 (PPT)

Review_of_tricky_markers (PDF) or Review_of_tricky_markers (PPT)

Session 3 (PDF) or Session 3 (PPT)

If you have any questions related to this part of the workshop, please send us an email: or